“Sustainable growth” at annual STAMM Sales meeting

Sustainable growth was the theme of discussion at the annual STAMM Sales meeting on Saturday, 17th January 2015. Venue this time was our very own Café Lulu cafelulu.net at premises which 30 years ago were housing our first offices.

“we had such a good year, yet it is obvious market conditions force us and we will have to do more and better to achieve the present results” The chairman of the board stated.  That stands probably for all players in the logistics  industry, not only the Philippines. Yet we note with great anticipation that we have presently  a  favorable economic climate. The presentation of Dr. Bernardo M. Villegas at the recent  Asian CEO Forum finds our attention and interest.

Further prime attention at our meeting was Communication, Relationship with our worldwide networks and internet trade.

Our Sales Executives


Download “Why Philippine Growth is Sustainable Over the Long Term”