Stamm Technic Product Listing



STAMM BRAND Heavy Duty Ironing boards
PFAFF-SINGER Industrial sewing machines, embroidery machines, welding machines
PFAFF-SINGER Domestic sewing machines + ironing/pressing equipment + steam generators
VEIT Steam, ironing pressing technology
GOLDEN WHEEL Industrial sewing machine

Sewing and embroidery Threads for garments & leather (ISO9001)

LSM Special eyelet and button hole machine
DALIAN Dalian clothing machinery
SEIKO Industrial sewing machine, embroidery machines
BULMERWERK Cutting room equipment, spreading machines, cutting machines, cad-cam system
J. SANDT Hydraulic presses, conveyor systems
FORTUNA Special machines + equipment for the leather industry such as skiving machines, splitting machines, cementing machines
MOENUS Bellknives, grinding stones accessories for leather machine
SCHONE Shoe lasting and die cutting machine
FALAN Sole stitching machine
KURIS-WASTEMA Cutting room equipment
WSK Folding and embossing machine for leather goods and shoes
QUICK ROTAN Motors of all kind
EAG (Eisele Apparate & Geraetebau) Special sewing machines + attachments
BEISLER Special sewing equipment, chainstitch, coverstitch, overedging
MAUSER SPEZIAL Sewing machinery
KANNEGEISSER Fusing-pressing-laundry equipment
HAWO PACK Packing machines
PORKET Special glove sewing machines
Sewing machine-needles
HOFFMAN Ironing, pressing equipment
STROBEL Special shoe and fur sewing machines, blindstitch machines
MAIER Special scalloping machines, knife/scissors sharpening devices
ALBER Bandknife Blades
ALBEKO Special machines + equipment for the leather industry

Industrial sewing machines & special machines for garments and leathers, Bag closing machines, cutting machines.

EASTMAN Cutting blade, abrasive belts

Steam Ironing, Pressing equipment, Teflon shoe for iron, hoses.

SINGER High grade, water-white, Anti-rush Industrial Oils.

GARMENT Steamer, Washer, Dryer, Dry Cleaner.

Other products

Hammering machine, stamping machines & machine parts. Band knife blade, Round knife, Bellknife, Grinding stone, Knives, Upper and Lower Looper, Rotary hook, Bobbin, Bobbin Case, Needle Plate, Feed dog, Roller Guide, Flip-up Guide, Presser Foot, Teflon Foot, Trimming Scissor, Compensating Foot, Bobbin winder, Belts, Steam Hose, Steam trap, Cleaning/Anti-Scaling Liquid, Ironing Shoe, Ironing Cloth, Nozzle.

Ironing Board, Dryer, Washer and Ironing Equipment and Parts.