Management and key department executives met under strict observance of physical distance and health protocol at Merville Country Club for its annual review and analysis meeting. The financial results of 2019 were discussed, The CFO Mr Ramil Santos presented  good results but made all  aware that there will be no comparison with the current pandemic year 2020.   “Not just the year’s result, the positiv growth and solid fundamental make us appreciate each other’s collaboration  and customer’s support” The Chairman Mr Urs Hebeisen stated “but the continued trend of stable performance now monitored for 19 years” Indeed in the long run is  the success but 2020 might for the first time in company history show some set back. 
What is to be expected? For sure Social distancing and strict hygiene and sanitation protocols will stay with us for a while. Also sporadic lockdowns are possible. However it needs everybody’s personal effort to deal with the looming COVID19 threat in the mindset. Fear and Anxiety is not healthy, nor rational. We are dealing with a dangerous virus no doubt, but far from everybody get’s infected and far from everyone infected dies. “With proper lifestyle and normal behaviour we will keep the risks under control” the Chairman stated and admonished all to follow rules but also stand for a positive attitude towards colleagues and the public. 
Not one day during the various levels of community quarantine we stopped operation. Yes there was stress and yes unusual problems had to be solved The President Mme Doris Torres thanked everyone for the extraordinary effort made. Our  success will be also in coming times, our ability to adjust, committed to solutions helping customers overseas and local significantly and be innovative and creative. 
Closing resolution of the meeting: “We are still en-route, a lot of work is still ahead, No corona or whatever virus shall stop us. May the Lord help us” We shall live up to  and keep  our “name to trust”