STAMM CSR a business model

As part of our #SwissCSR and #SwissSolidarity Series, we present you Stamm International Inc. and NAK Humanitas. Stamm is a service provider in international logistics that was co-founded by a Swiss, Mr. Urs Hebeisen, in 1984. When Stamm started its business in the Philippines 35 years ago, its Swiss-Filipino team realized that doing business in the Philippines comes with great Social Responsibility. As the company gradually grew, its Corporate Social identity remained strong and many projects were realized with different partners. These projects include scholarships, outreach in times of calamity and the construction of schools in rural areas. Stamm has a strong partnership with the Swiss Foundation NAK-Humanitas (Swiss New Apostolic Church) whose goal is the improvement of the quality of life of underprivileged communities. NAK Humanitas has provided funding for many of the projects with a special focus on the construction of schools.

Their latest project is the construction of a school in Sitio Bugtong Kahoy, Brgy. Asia, Hinobaan which started on March 2 with a groundbreaking ceremony and has recently been finished