Resilience due to diversity

The STAMM core management team gathered for its annual management review meeting at Merville Country Club on 29th May 2021.
Every year analysis are made on performance market conditions and industry standards. Of course every one knew what to expect. Huge downward data in Covid-year 2020.
Indeed reality did not bypass us either and all  our departments have shown negative results. Only our online trade of STAMM TECHNIC shows upward trends not very relevant since this is still our smallest unit.
Looking at some ten year’s average we notice there were always certain ups and downs yet the overall performance  always sailed into higher spheres. 
Positive however was the analysis of sustainability and resilience. The latter is clearly contributed to a very diversified portfolio of Agents, Partners and clients. Expressed in popular terms: There is always a good business coming along our way from some corner in the world. Probably also a result that we work very hard on keeping our promise: STAMM A NAME TO TRUST even in pandemic times.
what brought us here will not bring us there” The chairman mused in his remarks and called for flexibility of mind, adjustability to customers needs and constant reviewing of internal work processes. Many years of successful work are no guarantee for a secure future.