We are known for doing unusual projects. To be a partner for CARITAS however is a special challenge. On Kinatarkan Island there is no infrastructure. Yet Caritas has committed to build 400 houses for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

Also CARITAS is committed to “Swissness” which is simply expressed in their moto:


and of course from partners nothing less is expected. It is not just turbines and generators or other spectacular equipment we deliver to the remotest places but also simple material such as hallow blocks, cement and whatever is needed to build houses. Same concept applies. An LCT with a ramp, off loading over a man made temporary jetty over the beach. Preparation took some time. Our Mabelle, who is always volunteering for unusual jobs and Alma from Cebu office worked virtually day and night until on December 1st in the morning the first landing could be made. 4 six wheelers, 2 forklifts and 1 payloader could roll off and the delivery of the first 1800 metric ton of constructin material could start. 3 more trips are scheduled. We hope to get our people back to their families for Christmas.

All of this was only possible with perfect team work. CARITAS Switzerland have not only professionals on the job but also people with the right attitude to do “the right thing” Local government, suppliers, there were many stakeholders who contribute to successful procurement of such projects. We are humbly proud to be Partner of CARITAS.