Our president at work in Vietnam

It belongs to our corporate culture for almost 40 years now, that we serve not only our own interest but always think of our the economy and environment as a whole, the benefit of others as well  the future generations. This is part of our interpretation of sustainability. 
Our Doris Torres attended 3 conferences in one visit to Danang/ Vietnam. The Regional Conference for Logistics Service Providers,  the FIATA Regional Asia Pacific Conference and last but not least AFFA, ASEAN Federation of Freight Forwarders Association where she serves as chairperson of the workgroup  “Update on Trade Facilitation” besides holding  the Vice-Chair of AFFA.
No conferences without lectures and speeches. Doris Torres contribution was a presentation on the subject to “Bridge the Gender Gap in the  Transport and Logistics Sector”. 
Only 20 % in the global Transport Workforce are female, while for example in the EU total workforce 46 % are women they amount only to 22 % in Transport related employments. 
Putting  Transport and Logistics into focus one can realize how crucial  dynamic and complex this industry sector actually is. Changing consumer behaviour and demands, innovations, digitalization  among others have to be adopted because the supply chain requires flexibility in this complex landscape. 
Career choices are gender neutral and towards a more balanced representation a road map of ATTRACT, ENGAGE and RETAIN has to be designed.
Gender equality in transport and logistics creates a variety of opportunities such as economic efficiency, Increase of pool of workforce and sustainable growth goals because diversity creates synergies.
According to estimates by Cuberes and Teignier (2014) there are losses in GDP due to economic gender gaps throughout the ASEAN member states. Further reference is the UN analys on projected gender impact of the ASEAN Economic Community. 
May the Transport and Logistics Industry lead the way and go ahead with the good example making a considerable contribution to economies of the region.