Management and Staff Review and Retreat

At its annual 3 days, management review meeting at Le Delice, the country club of Merville Park, Management annalised the companies performance. While many market conditions and industry related issues had to be put into consideration and were discussed, the Chairman of the Board Urs Hebeisen concluded with great satisfaction: “our bottom line is steady and we have a very safe foundation“. Indeed the financial results are showing growth yet with a very stable and sustainable end result. “We always were on the conservative side thus could enjoy longterm success. That shall also be our policy in the future” he further elaborated while congratulating the President Mme Doris Torres and her team, thanking them for a job well done.

In Marketing and Sales the efforts have paid off to offer customers a “logistics philosophy” in a wider dimension. Not just moving cargo from one point to the other but also offering networks, sourcing, value added services, in short ‘making business transactions possible’ before physical shipping takes place. “This is not a strategy for quick profits but for a sustainable, secure future promoting our name to trust” the senior executive explained.

All employees gathered for a 2 days retreat at the Tagaytay farm resort PREZIOSO and enjoyed a weekend filled with activities, highlighted by the President’s presentation “EXCELLENCE IN LOGISTICS” once more making everyone aware ‘logistics is a people’s business”

Seminars on compliance and other topics followed before all engaged in group work and eventually in an entertainment program.