The Philippine Ports Authority has mandated since 2006 the Port Operators to do a mandatory weighing of packed containers and break bulk cargo.

With the existence of this Memorandum Circular of the Philippine Ports Authority, they have just harmonized SOLAS provisions by issuing a supplemental guidelines wherein the official weight taker for VGM at the Ports of Manila and Batangas will be the Port Operators. The weight take by the Port Operators will be transmitted to the Shipping Line via EDI upon gate-in of packed containers. The weight taken by Port Operators will then be adopted as the Verified Gross Mass.

Shipper being responsible for the VGM declaration will send their final pro-forma or shipping instruction to the shipping line using the VGM from Port Operators as final weight for the issuance of Bill of Lading.

PISFA have just conducted a Forum yesterday where it has been attended by some 400 participants coming from the Freight Forwarders, Shippers, Manufacturers and Shipping Lines and other stakeholders. The supplemental guidelines issued by PPA has been clarified by representatives from PPA, Association of Shipping Lines and Port Operators as the panelist.


Philippine Ports in Manila is ready for the SOLAS.

Doris Torres, President PISFA, President STAMM International Inc