STAMM has a reputation to have unusual clients with special needs requiring unusual deliveries. The largest Swiss flag Sail boat on  a four years ocean mapping expedition needed solar panels to be installed while in port of Cebu. Together with our Swiss Partners, FRACHT SA Geneva, our  importer STAMM TECHNIC, with the expertise of STAMM BROKERAGE, the Cebu office of STAMM Logistics accomplished another challenging on time delivery. We are humbly proud of our team work proving again its capability.

500 years after Ferdinand Magellan, the 33-metre long ketch “FLEUR DE PASSION” set sail for a journey around the world with a mission, to observe, understand and map the state of the oceans. A series of multidisciplinary scientific,  socio-educational and cultural programmes  are carried out in a spirit of cross-cultural exchange and experience sharing, to measure human impact on the oceans and help shape the way we think about man’s place on “planet ocean”  Stamm International shares such passion.