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Dear all,

With the return of our leased ship to Cebu Pier 3 yesterday, our second LCT Operation comes to a good end.

 This time, we doubled our freight compared to the first LCT Operation last year and were successful to bring construction material for 400 (!) houses to Kinatarkan.

 In total, we shipped 9’000 tons of material.

Again, this would not have been possible without the 24 hours support of Mabelle from Stamm and Captain Edgar for the nature jetty construction/LCT support.

At this point, I would like to thank Frank and the whole Logistics Team for this achievement. They absorbed in the same time period the deliveries for 1’200 instead of 1’000 houses and also on top all the logistics for WASH/School in Hagdan (which was originally intended to be done by the general contractor).

Going forward, Logistics will be much less complex, as we only need to transport ICEBs, lumber and cement to Kinatarkan. In addition, the School deliveries are mostly complete and in Madridejos, we only have two more house batches to go.

With many thanks and best regards,


Caritas Switzerland

Alessandro Manferdini

Admin & Finance Manager

Humanitarian Aid Department


Bantayan Field Office, F. Rosksa Street, Talisay

Santa Fe, Cebu, Philippines

Phone: +63-917-318-2534

Skype: cach_amanferdini