Our commitment to sustainability in business and society is well known, after all STAMM manages various humanitarian initiatives and is a trusted partner of  and service provider for international organizations investing in fighting poverty, disaster relief in the Philippines and supporting education.  This for many years already. Corporate Social Responsibility is our company’s culture from the very beginning originating in the vision of our founders. 
We follow the lead of the United Nation’s 17 goals for sustainable development which serve as basis for our vision for peace and wellbeing for humanity on our planet, now and in future. 
To target 17 goals is not without challenge and subject to an ongoing evolution. Part of it was the participation of our President and General Manager, Doris Torres who participated in the project launch and stakeholder consultation for the National Roadmap study on Decarbonisation Pathways for Freight Transport in the Philippines by the Department of Transportation. We believe in collaboration of private sector and government.