Anonymous Survey

Are you happy with the internet service at the work place? Explain

Did the new Wifi improve the reliability of the internet? Explain

Do you understand the concept of bandwidth (MBPS)? If no, leave blank

Do you use internet services with your cellphone? UNLISURF, LTE50 etc. Explain

Do you use facebook? When do you use it? If it is open all the time, say so. Explain

Do you use Youtube? Is it occasional use, or do you stream music continuously? Explain

Which internet messenger service do you use to chat with office mates? Skype, ym, etc. Explain

Do you use BitTorrent at the workplace. Why or why not?

Do you watch movies in your free time at work? Why or why not?

Are you happy with the support services that Galing offers? What can be improved?

Name all the things that you think that can be improved to increase your productivity at work