Annual Management Review

The STAMM management-team met with the department heads for its annual review. 2017 performance and future trends were analysed. “Sustainability and growth on a healthy foundation are more important these days than spectacular expansions and high growth rates” the Chairman elaborated. Focus was also given on the ongoing digitalization of process in trade and the notion that conventional forwarding services would become obsolete. Management is of the opinion that while we do not ignore trends and changes we are still making a good living on services rendered for problem solutions. Our clientele and overseas agents still appreciate “hands on” solutions.

Also various compliance issues were discussed and we are satisfied that even in the field of “data privacy” we did our home work. Also value added services in cooperation with our subsidiary in trade, STAMM TECHNIC Inc are envisioned to contribute to further development of the STAMM business. Consultancy for investment in the Philippines including cryptocurrency mining are business services our international clientele appreciates as much as serving the humanitarian sector.

Last but not least the CFO reported healthy, debt free, financial results for the year 2017