Also at STAMM we are aware of changing behaviors over generations. Management went to a special training and then launched an evaluation survey including all rank and files.

At the annual Christmas party in Merville, Saturday 19th December the Chairman announced the results. We are a company of thinkers thus thorough organized and deliberate, we

are essential in every customers teamwork. 46 % of our staff belongs to this category. But 30 % are mediators. People who are motivated to serve and bond with other people. Givers and

best team players, steady, loyal and kind. Accomplishment is measured by when efforts benefit others. We also have the achievers, the doers and entrepreneurs and explorers. In his speech

the Chairman reported a very successful year and thanked for everyones contributions. He urged each one to come and speak out if there are problems. Let management know when help is

needed. “Our door is open. Together we work to keep our name to trust” he stated.

A joyful party followed. Yes even corporate celebrations are more fun in the Philippines.