30th Company Anniversary

We celebrated our 30th company anniversary at “Timberland Heights” in San Mateo Rizal over the weekend. It all started 30 years ago with a vision, a need and a purpose.

Vision of a Philippines growing and developing, knowing that martial law cannot and will not just be it.

Need because our multinational employer did not share it and closed down its office.

Purpose because the founders had a mission. Corporate Social Responsibility was not just a “do-good-idea” but a company culture from the very beginning and ever since.

From an idealistic Swiss National and his 3 Filipino Partners a “name to trust” was earned to over 50 employees who have found a place to develop their skills, and make a living on a dream. Principals and clients from all over the world as well as the Philippines have relied on solutions worked out by this team of young experts and continue to give their trust.

Trade Promotion, imports and exports even industrial projects are part of our experience. On land, in the air or on water, the right transportation solution is tailor made. We hardly have routines or standardized procedure. It is what the customer needs. It is the problem which makes us excited and then the solution which we savor.

The chairman of the Board and founder, Urs Hebeisen encouraged all to look forward to the next 30 years and noted with satisfaction that the company has young talents to grow into the next generation leadership.

A special THANK YOU to all who have supported us in all these years.